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Setting up your e-shop Account with us will help you save time and money as it enhances your overall shopping experience.

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The main advantage of becoming a Registered Shopper is that you can save items to your Shopping Cart from one shopping session to the next.
Every time you come back, any items you had in your cart from the previous session that were not ordered, will be saved.
These items are automatically in your cart, without having to search for them again.
If you are Registered and Logged In, you can 'Review Cart' and change the quantity of any item in your cart or delete items from your cart at any time before confirming your purchase via 'Check Out'.

Personal Items Table
Becoming a Registered Shopper will also give you the ability to create one or more Personal Items Tables (PITs) of frequently shopped items.
With this feature, you need not search for these items each time you want to buy them.
Go to your 'Personal Items' list and select the PIT you want and add it to your cart. From here, you can add more items or delete the items you don't need from your cart.

Faster Check Out
Becoming a Registered Shopper also speeds up your checkout process.
The more information you enter when you 'Register', the less information you must fill out once you proceed to the 'Check Out' screen. This information is completely private and confidential.

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